Look better, more dynamic, more feminine, more radiant, without surgery !

Beautify your natural beauty, highlight your gaze or accentuate another part of your face.

Aesthetic medicine aims to improve or correct certain parts or features of the face according to your personal taste.

Aesthetic medicine can combine several techniques according to the wishes and needs. During an aesthetic medicine consultation, you can express what you would like to correct, improve or change in your face. Together we can choose the best suited procedure to obtain the desired result.

Most procedures are temporary, but can sometimes change the face permanently. It is therefore important to take enough time to think about your request before attending a procedure. Some requests may be denied by lack of reflection or seriousness.

Which treatments for aesthetic medicine ?

1.Botulinum toxin or “botox” injections

Injections of botulinum toxin or “botox” are usually used in anti-aging medicine, when wrinkles appear with advancing age. However, younger women can also benefit from these injections to block the “lion’s wrinkle” and in this way soften their facial expression. Botulinum toxin is not dangerous as long as it is used in the right facial area and in the right dose.

2.Hyaluronic acid injections or “fillers”

Injections of hyaluronic acid or “fillers” are used to increase the volume of certain parts of the face such as the cheekbones or lips, to sharpen the chin and jawline or to soften the tear trough area of nasolabial folds. These injections are usually not dangerous, but some areas carry more risks than others. Possible risks are discussed during the aesthetic medicine consultation.

3.Tensor threads



The use of absorbable threads under the skin or “tensor threads” makes it possible to raise certain parts of the face such as the tail of the eyebrow to enhance your gaze. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes less than an hour. The risks of this procedure are discussed during the aesthetic medicine consultation.




Fractional radiofrequency is used to improve skin texture. This technique creates intentionally microlesions in the treated skin area to stimulated regeneration of the skin. As a result of that, the texture of the skin is improved and small scars and marks of acne are attenuated.

Frequently asked questions ?

Risks ?

The risks are dependent on the chosen procedure and the area to treat, but also on eventual medical conditions. These risks are explained according to your personal and medical situation. In some cases, certain procedures are contraindicated.

Social eviction ?

Aesthetic medicine usually does not require any social eviction. Injections can leave small marks such as redness or bruises at the injection site. These marks are temporary and not pronounced. The same marks are possible after the placement of tensor threads. Fractional radiofrequency will leave a marked visible redness on the treated area for 7 to 10 days, but the application of makeup is allowed after 1 day.

Prices ?

–        1 area : 200 euro

–        2 areas : 275 euro

–        3 areas : 350 euro

Hyaluronic acid or fillers
–        price according to demand and quantity of hyaluronic acid needed

–        usual price for 1ml : 350 euro

for example : lips, tear trough or nasolabial folds

–        usual price for 2 to 4ml : 600 to 1100 euro

for example : cheeks, chin or jawline

Tensor threads
–        price according to demand and number of tensor threads needed

–        usual price for 4 tensor threads : 500 euro

for example : cheeks, jawline or brows

–        usual price for 8 tensor threads : 800 euro

for example : multiple areas

Fractional radiofrequency
–        according to the treated area

–        price from 200 euro per session