Feel good and confident when you look in the mirror.

Reduce the signs of aging while keeping a natural appearance.

Look younger, less tired, less sad, less angry.

The age-related decline that occur in the face is well known and concern the appearance of wrinkles, unsightly folds and loss of volume in some parts of the face. Anti-aging medicine aims to attenuate or reverse these age-related changes with respect for the natural facial features. By targeting these changes the face looks younger and brighter.

Anti-aging medicine can combine several techniques to target unfavorable changes according to the needs. During an anti-aging consultation, you can express what you dislike in your face and together we can discuss the best suited treatment for your wishes and needs.

Which anti-aging treatments ?

1.Botulinum toxin or botox injections


Injections of botulinum toxin or “botox” are ideal to treat wrinkles in the upper part of the face :

      • forehead wrinkles
      • wrinkles around the eyes or “crow’s feet”
      • wrinkles between the eyebrows or “the lion’s wrinkle”

Botulinum toxin is not dangerous as long as it is used in a the right area and in the right dose.

2.Hyaluronic acid injections or fillers


Injections of hyaluronic acid or “fillers” are used to restore volume loss in areas of the face that have lost volume with age or to soften unsigthly folds, for example :

      • restore the cheekbones that have lost volume
      • restore the fullness of lips while keeping a natural look
      • soften the nasolabial folds or marionette lines
      • soften the tear trough area

These injections are usually not dangerous, but some areas carry more risks than others. Possible risks are discussed during the anti-aging consultation.

3.Tensor threads



The use of absorbable threads under the skin or “tensor threads” makes it possible to lift certain parts of the face which, with age, tend to sag. The tensor threads offer a facelift without surgery and with a completely natural result.

The treated areas are : the cheeks, the jawline, the neck or the brows.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes less than an hour. The risks of this procedure are discussed during the anti-aging consultation.




Radiofrequency is a non-invasive technique that can also be used in anti-aging medicine as this technique improves the texture of the skin, reduces wrinkles and restores the contours of the face through a long-lasting tightening effect. This non-invasive technique carries minimal risks, but requires several sessions. The areas that can be treated are :

      • in the upper face : the forehead and the eye area
      • in the lower face : the cheeks, the chin and the mouth area
      • the neck and cleavage

Frequently asked questions ?

Risks ?

The risks are dependent on the chosen procedure and the area to treat, but also on eventual medical conditions. These risks are explained according to your personal and medical situation. In some cases, certain procedures are contraindicated.

Social eviction ?

Anti-aging medicine usually does not require any social eviction. Injections can leave small marks such as redness or bruises at the injection site. These marks are temporary and not pronounced. The same marks are possible after the placement of tensor threads. Radiofrequency may cause temporary redness after the session on the treated area.

Prices ?

–        1 area : 200 euro

–        2 areas : 275 euro

–        3 areas : 350 euro

Hyaluronic acid or fillers
–        price according to demand and quantity of hyaluronic acid needed

–        usual price for 1ml : 350 euro

for example : lips, tear trough, nasolabial folds or marionette lines

–        usual price for 2 to 3ml : 600 to 850 euro

for example : cheeks or multiple areas

Tensor threads
–        price according to demand and number of tensor threads needed

–        usual price for 4 tensor threads : 500 euro

for example : cheeks, jawline, neck or brows

–        usual price for 8 tensor threads : 800 euro

for example : multiple areas or severe sagginess

Bipolar radiofrequency
–        forehead or eye area : 100 euro per session

–        cheeks, neck, (double) chin or cleavage : 150 euro per session