Laser hair removal is a technique that aims permanent removal of unwanted hair in a chosen area. Thereby, it is no longer necessary to shave or wax your unwanted hair on a recurrent basis and you can enjoy a smooth skin at any time.

At the clinic, permanent hair removal is performed using a diode laser. This technique uses a light beam that can destroy your unwanted hair without damaging the surrounding tissues. This principle is called selective photo-thermolysis and makes it possible to treat all skin types, even dark skin types !

Frequently asked questions

For whom ?

The hair that you want to remove must have a dark color : brown or black. In fact, laser cannot remove blond, red, white or gray hair.

However, a diode laser treats all skin types : light and dark skin types.

Almost everyone can undergo permanent hair removal treatment, except in presence of a contraindication which is discussed during the first consultation.

Which areas ?

The usual areas are the legs, bikini line and armpits. Other body areas that present dark and coarse hair can also be treated, such as the chest, the back, the arms etc.

In the face, the usual areas are the upper lip and chin.

Is it painful ?

The pain felt during diode laser hair removal is comparable to the sensation of a rubber band snapping on the skin. It is rather uncomfortable than really painful. The degree of pain sensation depends on the sensitivity and hairiness of the treated area and also on the pain tolerance of a person. Fortunately, the intensity of the diode laser can be adapted if the pain is not bearable.

Is it dangerous ?

Laser hair removal requires precise settings to avoid burns or alteration of skin pigmentation. These settings are based on measurements that are made before each hair removal session. In case of doubt, a test session is performed on a small area to observe the reaction of the skin. It is also essential to respect the contraindications to treatment.

What is the duration of treatment ?

It takes several sessions to remove the almost totality of unwanted hair. The number of sessions varies according to the chosen area and the characteristics of each person. It takes approximately 6 to 12 sessions with an interval of 4 to 8 weeks between each session. Nevertheless, almost 50% of the hair will already be permanently eliminated after 3 sessions while the rest of the hair will be gradually eliminated during the following sessions.

What is the cost of treatment ?

Prices ?

Prices according to the chosen areas of the face or body.

Benefit from attractive prices by choosing multiple areas or by opting for package payment.

Areas of the face
–        Upper lip

–        Chin

–        Sideburns

–        Neck (front)

Area Price per session Package 7 sessions* Package 10 sessions*
1 area 50€ 300€ 400€
2 areas 65€ 390€ 520€
3 areas 80€ 480€ 640€
4 areas 95€ 570€ 760€


Areas of the body Price per session Package 7 sessions* Package 10 sessions*
Armpits 50€ 300€ 400€
Areola of the breasts 50€ 300€ 400€
Abdominal line 50€ 300€ 400€
Dorsal line 50€ 300€ 400€
Chest (with front neck) 100€ 600€ 800€
Stomach 100€ 600€ 800€
Upper or lower back 100€ 600€ 800€
Full back (with back of neck) 150€ 900€ 1200€
Neck only 50€ 300€ 400€
Forearms (with hands) 100€ 600€ 800€
Hands only 50€ 300€ 400€
Upper arms (with shoulders) 100€ 600€ 800€
Shoulders only 50€ 300€ 400€
Lower legs (with toes) 150€ 900€ 1200€
Thighs (with knees) 150€ 900€ 1200€
Full legs 275€ 1650€ 2200€
Buttocks 100€ 600€ 800€
Bikini line 100€ 600€ 800€
Full bikini (natal cleft included) 150€ 900€ 1200€
Other area : on demand


Multiple areas Price per session Package 7 sessions* Package 10 sessions*
Upper body
Chest + stomach + shoulders 215€ 1290€ 1720€
Chest + stomach + full back 280€ 1680€ 2240€
Whole body
Armpits + bikini line + half legs 240€ 1440€ 1920€
Armpits + full bikini + half legs 280€ 1680€ 2240€
Armpits + bikini line + full legs 340€ 2040€ 2720€
Armpits + full bikini + full legs 380€ 2280€ 3040€
Other combination : on demand

*Package of 7 or 10 sessions : the sessions must be completed within 1 or 1.5 year respectively considering a minimal interval of 4 weeks between 2 sessions. If – for medical reason – no laser treatment can be done during a certain period, this period will not be counted and treatment will be resumed when possible. Payment required at the start of the treatment. No refund possible.

Good to know !

    • The hair of a treated area should be shaved approximately 24 hours before each laser hair removal session
    • The hair of a treated area cannot be depilated with wax, an electric epilator, a tweezer or any depilatory cream during laser treatment and the month before starting laser treatment to allow complete hair growth and faster results
    • The hair of a treated area cannot be bleached or colored during treatment
    • The skin of a treated area cannot be exposed to the sun, a solarium or self-tanning products during laser treatment, especially 2 to 4 weeks before a session

It is very important to report any change regarding your health or the use of medications or creams !